Industrial grade polymerized aluminum chloride

Product features: product indicators in line with GB/T22627-2008 industrial grade level standards.

Product use: It is suitable for industrial water supply, industrial wastewater industrial circulating water and urban sewage purification.



Product physical and chemical indicators:

Indicator Name Indicator
National standard Company standard
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) mass fraction∕% ≥ 28 29-30
Salinity∕% 30-95 60-90
Density (20ºC) ∕(g/cm3) ≥ 1.12 —
Mass fraction of insoluble matter∕% ≤ 1.5 0.3
PH value (10g/L aqueous solution) 3.5 ~ 5.0 3.5-5.0
Mass fraction of iron (Fe) ≤ 5.0 2.0
Arsenic (As) mass fraction ∕% ≤ 0.0015 0.0015
Lead (Pb) mass fraction ∕% ≤ 0.006 0.006
Note: The mass fraction of insoluble matter, iron, arsenic and lead listed in the liquid products in the table refers to the 10% content of Al2O310% is not equal to 10%, it should be calculated according to the actual content of Al2O310% of the proportion of the product to calculate the corresponding mass fraction.
Method of use:

Solid products need to be dissolved and diluted and then put, the user can be based on different water quality, through the test to deploy the concentration of chemicals, to determine the optimal amount of input.

Solid products are 2-20%.

② Solid product dosage is 1-15g/ton.

The specific dosage is subject to flocculation test and experiment.

Packing and storage:

Solid is packed in 25Kg bag, inner plastic film, outer plastic woven bag. The product should be stored in dry, ventilated and cool place, don’t get damp, and it is forbidden to store it with flammable, corrosive and poisonous articles.


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