Hazards and precautions of polyaluminum chloride:
First, according to the different conditions of raw water, before using polyaluminum chloride, you can do a small test to find the best dosage. For the convenience of calculation, the small test solution is configured according to the weight to volume ratio (W/V), generally 2 to 5% is better. For 3% solution: weigh PAC 3g, put it into a clean 200ml measuring cylinder, add about 50ml of water, after it dissolves, add water to dilute to the 100ml mark, and shake well. Polyaluminum Chloride Price
Second, dosing according to the best polyaluminum chloride dosage obtained. And pay attention to observe and adjust during operation. If there are few alum flowers and large residual turbidity in the sedimentation tank, the dosage is too small; Polyaluminum Chloride Price
Third, for production use, according to solid: water = 1:5, mix and dissolve first, then add water to dilute to 2-3% (W/V) solution. Less than 1% solution is easy to hydrolyze, which will reduce the use effect, and too high concentration will easily cause waste.
Fourth, dosing facilities should be anti-corrosion. This product is suitable for all water treatment facilities.
All in all, when using polyaluminum chloride, it is better to use just the right amount; excessive amounts of chemical products in our lives are harmful to us, and polyaluminum chloride is the same, appropriate is good, and excessive polyaluminum chloride will be harmful to a certain extent.